Spring Summer 2019 Collection, Rouge Allure N°8 Limited Edition

VISION D’ASIE: L’art Du Détail

Lucia Pica Global creative make-up and color director of CHANEL has drawn new territories and spectacular new effects of light from series of photographic expedition in Japan and South Korea, and discovered an ever-expanding beauty landscape at CHANEL.

In this SPRING-SUMMER 2019 COLLECTION – VISION D’ASIE: L’ART DU DéTAIL, depth and refinement is expressed in Lucia Pica’s signature play on light and the luminous architecture it builds.

The eyes shimmer with vitality as a dynamic match between the textures of OMBRE PREMIèRE CRèME and LES 9 OMBRES lies at the heart of this subtle and luminous collection.

They chime against the powerful, lush matte ROUGE ALLURE VELVET and ROUGE ALLURE LIQUID POWDER lip color, and the provocative LE VERNIS shades.

The translucent, new product BAUME ESSENTIEL creates a dewy, “wet” glow on the skin that brings life to the face through gentle sculptural effects.

Through these captivating vibrations of light, color and texture, VISION D’ASIE: L’ART DU DéTAIL comes alive.