Let Love Prosper with NESPRESSO

Nespresso co-creates the ultimate Yin-Yang recipe with BASAO to spread harmony with an exclusive coffee and tea creation

With Chinese New Year drawing near, we look forward to spending this most special time among loved ones. As families and friends shower each other with love and affection, Nespressoshares its warmest New Year wishes by crafting festive moments for everyone to enjoy. To pay homage to the New Year tradition of tea drinking while introducing an exciting, contemporary twist, Nespresso teams up with BASAO Tea to co-brew a special “Yin-Yang” mixology concept that commemorates this Lunar New Year with a perfect harmony of exceptional coffee and tea. The elevated take on this quintessential Hong Kong creation is a celebration of the simple joys of coffee and tea and the many treasured moments shared over this long-time local favourite.

Sharing the same values of innovation and creating surprising and pleasurable experiences, Nespresso and BASAO have come together to redefine the taste of “Yin-Yang” and blend a harmonious brew that will let love prosper. Through this collaboration, the new Yin-Yang highlights the beauty of coffee and tea culture and the unparalleled craftsmanship that goes into crafting each cup.


Nespresso Master Origin Colombia (Ristretto size)

BASAO Traditional Smoky Bohea Tea (50ml)

A pinch of sea salt (optional)

A dash of milk (optional)

In the lead up to Chinese New Year, Club Members can register to join the Masterclasses co-hosted by our Nespresso Coffee Bard and BASAO Tea Master. Masterclasses for Club Members will begin 20th January. Members of the public will also be able to register to participate in the Masterclass for the first time by following the news on Nespresso and BASAO Facebook pages (details to be announced here by mid-January). Held at the Atelier Table of the Nespresso ifc Boutique, guests can learn the art of coffee and tea tasting and blending, as well as brew their own Yin-Yang beverage.

Nespresso Coffee Fai Chun & Lucky Lai See

From 23rd to 28th January in selected boutiques during particular hours, customers who spend HK$500 or above in specific Boutiques will be eligible to receive two customized Fai Chun banners created by a calligrapher on-site. In addition, from 7th January to 7th February 2019, customers who spend over HK$250 will receive a complimentary pack of beautifully designed Nespresso “lai see” (red packets).